Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Audio/video spy camera

Why do we need a covert audio/video spy camera in today's workplace?

In today's world,the biggest issue is of security.For this reason,one needs a portable,wireless hidden camera that can be carried easily along with anyone, anywhere.There are many other reasons for using these covert devices.One of the most common occurrences at workplace is theft.A miniature hidden camera will show you exactly who the culprit is.Audio recorder is a handy device that can be used during your board meetings.The device is small and easily portable and has a wireless pinhole camera inside it.You can view the current situation while you are outside by logging in to the internet.Wireless spy camera offers you the simplest methods and techniques that makes you to set up the entire system on your own.The product works independent of power supply that makes you work without any hindrance.


1. Easy to install.

2. Built-in transmitters.

3. Working range is of 500m.

4. Night vision range is of 2 m.

5. Online recording system.

6.Wireless pinhole camera.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wireless Hidden Spy camera

Wireless hidden spy camera is the type of camera which is wireless as it does not require cables for its set up. It can be used for hidden activities.Wireless spy camera can be used in situations where you want to take care of your belongings even in your absence.It can also be used in law sensitive cases as an evidence.Its zooming feature can even detect action from a great distance.The camera is a waterproof device.


1. Wireless camera allows web surfing.
2. Home security.
3. Car interior spy cams.
4. Law sensitive cases.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wireless surveillance camera

Wireless surveillance camera is a high tech gadget that can ensure your safety. The modern security system is highly recommended as it comes with more advanced hard drive storage and motion detection inside the camera. The gadget can be easily networked through a computer and the surveillance footage can thus be monitored from any location. Whenever anyone plan to purchase a wireless surveillance system, it is important to make decisions based upon location and purpose of the cameras. The main advantage of wireless surveillance system is that there is no need to invest in wiring during every installation. These systems offer services like constantly watch the video to ensure your safety.


-Real time recordings.

-Useful for covert operations.

-Web camera provides live videos.

-High definition photography.